How did decorating cookies get started?

If there is one thing this author likes more than a cookie, it’s a decorated cookie! But how did the cookies we all know so well become decorated? Who decided to put frosting or sprinkles on some gourmet cookies atlanta? Well, it started in Switzerland where molds would be carved from wood and that mold would be placed on a slab of dough.

When the dough would bake, the mold would remain on the dough, making for some pretty impressive cookie designs. Originally, the dough would only make biblical scenes for educational purposes, but the molding technique would eventually be used for other events such as weddings and funerals.

Gingerbread was also cut and decorated into shapes in Germany during medieval times. The decorating was often resolved for the elite and professional gingerbread makers, except for holidays that let everyone make their own. The tradition of making gingerbread cookies came with Queen Elizabeth the first, who created gingerbread cookies of those in her court.

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As time marched on, more and more bakers began creating designs with their cookies. Especially in Germany when the Grimm brothers published their book of fairy tales. Hansel and Gretel inspired a revolution in cookie making, with cookie cutters becoming available for people to buy.

Now, the works of the German cookie makers have become a worldwide activity for everyone to do. People make and decorate cookies with a variety of cutters, frostings, and toppings for all occasions. Royal icing is one of the most frequently used on most cookies, as it hardens quickly and won’t slide off or cause any toppings to fall off and the decoration will be completely stable until the cookie is eaten.

Everyone decorates cookies nowadays, and it can be a great, and delicious way to bond over an activity everyone can enjoy.